Dell And Vodafone To Sell 3G Netbook Bundle For $0 Upfront

Just the other day it was announced that Dell was partnering with AT&T in the US to offer a Mini 9 Netbook with a mobile data contract. Now David Flynn over at APC is reporting that Dell and Vodafone are shacking up in Australia to offer a free Mini 9 netbook on a $70 contract for 24 months. The deal includes 5GB of mobile data each month, and is expected to be announced next week and be available in December.

Doing a bit of maths, you’re still better off buying the Mini 9 up front and then adding the Vodafone 5GB data pack with USB modem for $40 a month (it works out about $120 cheaper). But sometimes convenience is everything, isn’t it?

Head on over to APC for a full cost breakdown of the bundle, and if you’re in the market for both a netbook and a wireless internet contract, maybe hold off for a week or two until we receive the official announcement…

[APC Mag]

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