Motorola Aura Groped By PopSci

We’ve seen the Motorola Aura before – we’ve even had some early feedback. But Damian Francis over at is in London for the global launch of the overpriced expensive fashion phone and has given some impressions of his own on the handset. And for the most part, it seems, Damo liked what he saw.

First and foremost is the weight of the handset. From all accounts, the Aura is heavy. Deep grooves on the outside make it easy to open, although the circular design doesn’t let you swivel the phone open 360 degrees – you can open it to the left or right, but you need to close it the same way.

Also worth pointing out is that the phone only has a 2MP camera. For a phone that’s porported to cost between $2K and $3K, that seems a little, shall we say, weak. And even though the Aura’s screen is circular, photos still come out in regular 4:3 aspect.

Head on over to PopSci for a full account of Damo’s hands-on experience. Although why anyone would be looking at spending that kind of cash on a phone in this economic climate (especially as you can’t sell the phone) is truly beyond me.