Three Now Lets You Buy A Year’s Worth Of Prepaid Mobile Internet

One of the main reasons I won’t go near prepaid mobile internet options is because I hate not getting what I pay for. I mean, if I buy 1GB worth of data, I should be able to use that 1GB whenever I want, not just within the next 30 days. And although that’s unlikely to change with any of the networks in the near future, 3 has just slightly improved the situation by offering pre-paid mobile internet that has a 365 day expiration period.

For $149, you get 12GB of data that you can use any time you wish over the next 12 months. Of course, you’ll also have to pick yourself up an internet key ($129) to use the service, but that’s not too bad. And if you, unlike me, reckon you could fly through your mobile data within 30 days, there are also a heap of other options for you, which are detailed below the fold…– $15 (500MB)
– $29 (2GB)
– $49 (4GB)

All four of these pre-paid options (including the 12GB, $149 option) include 10 SMS messages as well as the data. Which kind of sucks for the big plan: 12GB, 365 days and only 10 SMS messages? They could have at least jacked it up to 20…

Get more on the go with 3 Mobile Broadband Prepaid

3 offers Internet Key for $129 and a choice of recharge options including $29 for 2GB

SYDNEY, 11 November 2008 – 3 has expanded its Mobile Broadband offering with Mobile Broadband Prepaid – offering fast, flexible and great value internet access without the hassle of being tied to a fixed line.

Available from Wednesday, 12th November, 3’s Mobile Broadband Prepaid recharge options include $15 for 500MB of data, $29 for 2GB and $49 for 4GB with a 30 day expiry. And in a market first, 3’s customers can choose to prepay their internet for a year by paying $149 for 12GB which comes with a massive 12-month expiry. With Christmas around the corner, it’s bound to be a great gift option.

“3’s customers want user-friendly, affordable internet on-the-go and by extending our mobile broadband offering to include Prepaid we’ve now got a complete range of internet solutions for our customers,” said Noel Hamill, Director Sales, Marketing & Product at 3.

“3’s Mobile Broadband Prepaid gives customers the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the internet on their own terms,” he said.

Making 3 Mobile Broadband Prepaid more attractive than ever, 3 has revamped its Internet Key modem, so customers can surf in style by picking from a modem with a splash of green, orange or blue.

The Internet Key modem slots into a USB port for instant wireless broadband access and is available with a prepaid starter kit for just $129. The prepaid starter kit comes with 100MB of data. It’s compact size and true plug and play experience allows users to insert it into a Mac or Windows PC for simple Internet access and ultimate mobility.

Easy Recharge
For recharge options, customers can choose from one of the following three ways;

Use a credit card online (on My3 directly from the connection manager)
Set up auto recharge online, by setting the recharge amount on a preferred day of the month
Purchase a voucher from a 3 Store, 3 Dealer or at over 15,000 participating outlets nationally

Recharges have a 30 day expiry period except for the $149 recharge which has a 365 day expiry period.

Where to Buy
Get hooked up with 3’s Mobile Broadband Prepaid from Wednesday, 12th November 2008 at 3 Stores and 3 Dealers across Australia, Mo’s Mobiles, Allphones, Dick Smith Electronics, Tandy, Powerhouse and BIG W, or by calling 133 907.