Dealzmodo: Save 50% On BigPond Music Vouchers

bigpond music dealz.jpgI generally don’t buy music online – I’m still a purist at heart who likes to own all my music on CDs. If I was planning on spending some online dollars on some tunes though, I’d be all over this deal from BigPond – essentially they’re offering 50% off the price of a $50 or $100 BigPond Music gift card. You can’t pick them up online, which means you actually have to go to the shops, but considering BigPond sell a good chunk of their music (from all the majors) in non-DRM’d MP3 format, it’s easy to buy the music from BigPond then transfer it over to iTunes (or other music management software for the half-dozen Apple haters out there). Deal runs until December 31st, so maybe it’s that perfect last-minute Xmas gift for that hard to please colleague?

[BigPond Music via Lifehacker]