Singapore Airlines Brings iPod/iPhone Docks To Their A330-300 Aircraft

singapore airlines.jpgSingapore Airlines must have had a fair bit of success when they rolled out iPod connectivity for business customers on their A340-500 aircraft last year, because they’re new Airbus A330-300 aircraft have an iPod dock for every passenger, including those bums back in economy. That means you can not only listen to your own music, but watch any videos stored on your iPod or iPhone on the big screen as well…But perhaps even more exciting is the fact that it will be Australian economy-class passengers who get to enjoy the thrill of listening to their own music through the in-flight entertainment system when the plane begins flying between Brisbane and Singapore on March 30.

If you don’t happen to own an iPod or iPhone, never fear, because the entertainment port also includes a USB port and an AV port, which you can use to connect pretty much any media player via composite cabling, although it won’t charge your device like the iPod jack. In other words, if you’re thinking of flying to Singapore on Singapore Airlines, make sure you’ve got an iPod or iPhone.



Sydney, 22 January 2009 – Singapore Airlines today announced customers in all classes, including those in Economy, will be able to enjoy iPod and iPhone connectivity on board its brand new A330-300 aircraft; which was unveiled overnight in Toulouse, France.

Singapore Airlines is the first in the world to present this unique feature in its Economy Class cabin, after the innovative function made its debut on the Airline’s all-Business Class A340-500 aircraft last year.

In more exciting news for technology fans, Australians will be the very first to have access to the new Economy Class features – as the A330 will enter commercial service on the Brisbane – Singapore route on March 30, before being phased in to Perth and Adelaide routes in April and June respectively. The Aircraft will also service forward connections to some Japanese ports from Singapore.

The function forms part of the new multi-port panel conveniently placed next to each customer’s individual inflight entertainment screen. In addition to the iPod and iPhone connectivity, the multi-port panel contains a USB port, enabling customers to listen to their own music, view their photos or read PDFs. It also contains an audio-video input, which enables them to plug in their portable media players and watch their favourite videos via the inflight entertainment system.

The introduction of the iPod and iPhone connectivity feature means customers will now be able to enjoy their favourite iPod and iPhone videos and songs through the inflight entertainment system onboard.

In addition to the A330-300, iPod and iPhone integration is currently available on Singapore Airlines’ A340-500 all-Business Class non-stop flights between Singapore and Newark and Singapore and Los Angeles.
In addition, Singapore Airlines Economy Class customers travelling on the A330-300 can also look forward to the Airline’s latest product and service offerings, currently available on the Airline’s newer aircraft, such as the A380 and B777-300ER aircraft.

This includes the new Singapore Airlines Economy Class seat, ergonomically designed to provide customers with an unsurpassed level of comfort. Using improved design and construction, the seat boasts smart features, elegant finishes, more personal space and increased legroom. Each seat also comes with a larger 26cm monitor to access the inflight entertainment system.

Other smart features include the installation of the handset on the seatback for easier reach, a non-intrusive reading light installed underneath the seatback screen, and in-seat power supply. Others include:

Front mounted footrest for maximum comfort
Height adjustable leather headrests with side panels which can be folded for head and neck support
Intelligent stowage features such as coat hook and spectacle receptacle to enhance travellers’ personal space
Givenchy-designed fabric seat cover

Note: The pic above is of the entertainment units in the Singapore Airlines A380, not the new A330-300.