Pickpocket Makes Off With Uncle Sol’s Private WM6.5 Test Phone At MWC

Pickpockets--Graffiti.jpgConsidering how Sol Trujillo likes to roll with the big dogs, I always imagined him walking through the streets with a small army of special forces agents protecting him from the scum of the earth (and us regular folks). But it turns out he actually enjoys rubbing shoulders with the little people — so close that they can casually walk away with his special prototype HTC phone running Windows Mobile 6.5.According to Jen Dudley-Nicholson’s story on the Herald Sun, the Telstra boss was given either a HTC Touch Diamond 2 or Touch Pro 2 to play around with the new Windows Mobile platform and test it for bugs. But somewhere in Barcelona an enterprising thief managed to separate him and the phone, embarrassing Telstra and opening Microsoft to a raft of Industrial espionage threats.

Apparently a Telstra spokesperson denied that it was stolen from Sol himself, but instead from some other senior Telstra representative. Either way, I reckon at next year’s MWC, we might actually see Sol (or whoever’s running Telstra next year) surrounded by beefy security guards so this doesn’t happen again…

[News.com.auThanks Josh!]