Are We Going To See TiVo on Blu-ray Players?

TiVo_logo_outline_lg_RGB.jpgWe can only hope so. Ty over at CNet is reporting that Hybrid TV (the guys behind TiVo in Australia) CEO Robbee Minicola said that she hoped to get TiVo on a Blu-ray player (but not a recorder).Apparently she’s been having chats with manufacturers about this very thing, but nothing is planned to happen just yet.

The move would be a good one – while it wouldn’t be the perfect box under the TV (without the ability to archive to disc), having TiVo’s functionality in a unit that also plays Blu-ray would be a very appealing option for both DVR and Blu-ray customers. Hopefully, we’ll hear more on this in the near future.

[CNet AU]