Telstra Loan Phones May Come With Free Porn

You can feel for the mother of the 10 year old Gold Coast girl in this story – you give your child the loan phone you get from Telstra so she can play some games during a car trip, and the next thing you know she’s watching hardcore porn that the previous user had recorded and Telstra hadn’t erased. Oops!Apparently Telstra’s policy is to reset every phone to clear any stored data before loaning them out again, but obviously this one slipped through the cracks. Also on the phone were personal emails and text messages between a couple trying to save their marriage.

But not all of the blame can be placed at Telstra’s feet here. I mean, the previous user of the phone has to take some responsibility, don’t they? Because I’m always playing with a variety of different review phones at different times, making sure I clear off any personal information before returning them is always on my mind. And if I was trying to save my marriage, I’d be doubly careful.

Then again, I’m sure plenty of you wish that you’d be so lucky as to get a porn-laden loan phone from a Telco. Considering Telstra couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t happen again, you could be in luck…