Are Augmented Reality Sites Now Mandatory For All Sci-Fi Films?

district9-augmented-realityFirst it was Star Trek. Then Transformers got in on the action. Now upcoming Peter Jackson alien thrill ride District 9 has its own augmented reality website. Sadly, it’s a little disappointing.

The app introduces you to the world of MNU, or Multi-National United, a military organisation that obviously operates in the film. By printing off a District 9 image and holding it up to your computers webcam, you can watch a 3D model of a MNU soldier rappell, take down an alien and shoot his gun; check out the alien spaceship and study the alien creatures from the movie. Moving the picture around moves the 3D model, and the closer you get to the camera the bigger the model.

And that’s about it…

I’m really liking the practical applications of augmented reality, and looking forward to checking out the District 9 film, but this whole exercise doesn’t actually offer anything compelling to market the film.

If you want to check it out for yourself (it might kill about 10 minutes of your day), click the link below.

[Multi-National United]