Entertainment Geekly: My Bloody Valentine 3D Blu-ray Review

my-bloody-valentine-3dIf 3D is supposed to be the future of home entertainment, and this is the best Blu-ray has to offer, I think I’ll stick with 2D…

There are so many, many reasons that My Bloody Valentine 3D doesn’t work in a home theatre environment. And this has nothing to do with the movie itself, but more the problems with the 3D technologies used.

For a start, the Blu-ray disc comes with a couple of pairs of 3D anaglyph cardboard glasses. This is probably the biggest let down – Instead of using the same technology as the cinema release with the polarised glasses, instead the entire film is a complete washout of pink. Nothing detracts from a film like losing all the colour from every scene. Not only that, but the 3D effect given by the anaglyph glasses is minor at best – a key scene where a pickaxe violently dislodges an eyeball has very little impact in terms of 3D

Second is the problem of distance. When I sat down with CEO of Dreamworks Jeffrey Katzenburg, one of the concerns he voiced was that for 3D to work properly, it needs to reach your peripheral vision. Even with 50 inches of plasma mounted on my wall, for the screen to hit my peripheral vision I’d need to be standing less than a metre away, which just doesn’t work.

Fortunately the Blu-ray disc also features a 2D version, letting you watch the film without the red/green glasses. Whether that in itself is enough to convince you to give it a go is another matter altogether, but ultimately, My Bloody Valentine 3D is proof that 3D is still a long way from being a part of your home cinema experience.