Latestbuy’s Standby Killing Powerboard Uses A Remote

rpow-350aIf you really like the idea of the Belkin Conserve Surge Protector – which wirelessly switches off the power supply from the powerboard to stop standby power drain – but don’t like the $250 RRP and can live without the $250,000 surge protection guarantee, the guys at Latestbuy have a cheap(er) and cheerful option of the same thing.

For $70, you can get a 4-port powerboard that comes with a remote control to remotely kill power to your devices, eliminating power drain. The remote’s got a 50 metre range and can switch off each of the four ports individually, something the Belkin can’t do. The board itself also offers “overload circuit-breaker protection” and “surge and spike protection” although there’s no dollar value guarantee to back that protection up.

I’d definitely use one of these in my home, although I don’t think I’d trust it with my high-end kit… Sometimes it’s worth buying the more expensive option for the peace of mind…