Sharp Bundling Their Aquos LCDs With Xbox 360s

Sharp XboxWe’ve seen Sony and Panasonic’s special TV Christmas bundles, but tipster Luke has pointed us towards the Sharp offer, where purchase of selected Aquos LCDs sees you eligible for an Xbox 360 Elite bundled with four “premium” games.

There’s no word on exactly what games are included, other than the fact that they’re “premium” games, but from the image it looks like Halo: ODST and Kameo are included. As for which TVs are eligible, you can get the LC40LE700X, LC40LB700X, LC42D77X, LC46D77X, LC52D77X, or LC65RX1X. Catchy names, huh?

For more info, head on over to Sharp’s promo page. The deal’s running until December 31.

[SharpThanks Luke!]