You Can Use Your Mobile Phone’s GPS In Victoria Again

tomtom-iphone-appSo this whole GPS app on your phone situation is one big clusterf%*k of confusion, isn’t it? First there was talk that it could be illegal, then it wasn’t, then VicRoads said they were going to make it illegal in Victoria, and now they’re saying that it will be illegal, except if you use it in a cradle. Feel like buying a dedicated satnav yet?

According to Cade Lucas at The Age, the Victorian road authority has backed down on plans to make all use of GPS in mobile phones while driving illegal. It will now be legal if you have your phone in a dedicated cradle.

You can still use Bluetooth handsfree, as well as controlling music (but not video) while the phone is cradled as well, but all other uses of the phone while driving are illegal. Should you be caught once the rules come in on November 9, you’ll be looking at a $234 fine and three demerit points.

At least common sense prevailed…

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