Smirk About Skins Cover Pretty Much Anything

 title=There’s nothing new about smothering your iPhone with some fancy protector skin. But Sydney company Smirk About has taken skins to the next level by creating high quality vinyl coverings for pretty much any gadget you can think of.

There are skins for over 500 different products, including your iPhone, BlackBerry, PC, PS3 controller and God knows how many more. The skins are designed by international artists, with every style available for every device. They come with a lifetime guarantee as well, and promise to stay as vibrant as the day you carefully laid them onto your gadget.

Skins seem to cost anywhere between $15 and $30, and for anyone wanting to give the gift of designer skins without choosing the design yourself, Smirk About also has Gift Cards. Although if you’re that kind of person, you should probably just man up, take the plunge and hope you pick something your gift recipient will like…

[Smirk About]