Vodafone And Three iPad MicroSIM Pricing Announced

Well, they sure took their sweet time in announcing the pricing for their iPad MicroSIMs, but Vodafone and Three have come out with a pretty darned competitive pricing plan for anyone picking up a 3G tablet…

Vodafone has six different prepaid options available, as pictured below:
The unlimited data for $50 a month is pretty decent, although the 30 day expiry sucks. It is par for the course though, so what do you expect.

Three don’t quite have the same range, but they do have some of the cheapest options on the market:

$15 is pretty cheap for a starting point, while the $150 12GB plan for a full year to use it works out at about a gig a month, which is probably plenty, and does away with the need to constantly recharge and waste data. The downside of course is the limited Three network.

So, what do you guys think of these plans. Which carrier is going to fill your MicroSIM card slot?