Internode Now Selling MicroSIMs

The iPad bandwagon is huge. Even with everybody already on board, there was still plenty of room for Internode to join the party with the announcement of their new NodeMobile MicroSIM cards.

The MicroSIM cards start at $15 a month for 500MB of data, with 2GB for $25, 4GB for $40 and 6GB for $50. The plans are available on 24 month contracts or one month contracts, with the MicroSIM setting you back $10 to start with.

If you didn’t pick up a 3G iPad, the company has also dropped the price of the MiFi hotspot device, which allows up to five devices to share a single mobile data connection. The MiFi is now $250 with a 24 month contract or $350 outright.

One of the interesting things about Internode’s offering is that there aren’t any excess usage fees, with the company instead allowing you to buy extra blocks of data if you happen to go over your limit. Kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?