Uniden Bluetooth Handset Combines Your Landline And Your Mobile

 title=If you need to have a landline just to get ADSL in your home, you may as well have a phone you’ll actually use. The Uniden XDECT R Dual Mode Bluetooth Phone will pair with your mobile, letting you receive calls from either line on the one device.

Unlike the BlueSIM device we saw back in May, the Uniden phone actually connects to your landline, as well as pairing to your mobile over Bluetooth. Aside from the benefit of being able to take advantage of any free calls included on your mobile plan, the phone also has the benefit of killing off any mobile network blackspots in your home, so long as your mobile is somewhere it gets reception.

Like many DECT landline phones, this one includes an integrated answering machine and caller ID. The basic bundle costs $230, and includes a base unit and an extra handset, while additional handsets can be picked up for $130.