Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

I don’t have as much experience with these things as Nick. Can I make do with a Brunch Sandwich instead?

Joss Whedon: “They Invented The Internet For Me”
And in return, he gave us lots of Eliza Dushku. A pretty fair swap, I’d say.

Toshiba SmartPad’s Specs Leaked
A change of name, Android 2.2 and all those ports that Apple somehow forgot about.

Dress Made From Computer Wires Is A Tangled, Geeky Mess
Does my bus look big in this?

The Cyborg Fly Project Guides Robot Through Obstacle Course
Once the insects have their own robot army, it’s time to surrender.

The 10 Greatest Fictional Inventors Of All Time
Even their existence is an invention.

Ugly iPhone 4 Case Comes With Built-In Dual-SIM Adaptor
Got a burning desire to give telcos twice as much money? Have we got a case for you.

And for those confused by the byline, I’ll be your guest editor for the week while Nick’s off in Germany at the IFA show. He’ll still be contributing from Germany — there’s no rest for a busy working gadget freak, after all — while I hold down the fort locally. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a rambunctious fort to go and hold down.