Get Your Kicks (On Your Wave) On Route 66

Samsung’s latest pitch to entice you to catch the Wave? NAVTEQ powered GPS software with a thirty day free trial.

Samsung’s first Bada phone in Australia, the Wave is a decent enough phone, and Samsung’s certainly going all out to promote Bada as a developer’s platform, as Nick found out when he went fishing recently. There’s still plenty of work to do if Bada’s going to come close to the sea of Android apps and the ocean of iOSware, but things are progressing nicely so far. The latest app to hit our shores is an inevitable GPS satellite navigation app, called Route 66.

Already available for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 phones, Route 66 for Wave will run in Australia using NAVTEQ maps, offering turn by turn TTS instructions and fully downloaded maps, meaning you need onboard storage but don’t have to worry about data download costs while you’re navigating. GPS solutions for smartphones abound, but one interesting quirk with Route 66 is that Samsung’s offering the App to all its Wave customers free for thirty days. That’s quite a generous “lite” version in app terms, and those that do choose to pay the $79.99 asking fee will get free speed camera alerts for a year as well.