Hitachi Gets A New Life(Studio) Down Under

Feature packed hard drives land locally with pricing, but some features are notably (but predictably) absent.

We first looked at Hitachi’s LifeStudio drives back in early July, noting at the time that they were drives with all the bells and whistles you could want and a few unexpected items along the way. The drives still feature the 3D image wall, included a 4GB USB key and automatic organisation of photos, videos, music and documents, but notably (and not that surprisingly) there’s no mention of included Hulu features in the Australian press release. We also don’t get quite as many models, with the 250GB LifeStudio Mobile Model missing in action.

The LifeStudio Mobile will sell in two models; 320GB will set you back $119, while 500GB costs $149. The Mobile Plus variant with included USB key and embedded dock costs $149 for the 320GB version and $179 for the 500GB version. The 1TB Desk version is $159, $249 if you want 2TB, and the Desk Plus comes in at $189 for 1TB and $279.99 for the 2TB version.