Mobee Wireless Charger For Magic Mouse Is The Perfect Mouse Accessory

 title=If there’s one gadget out there that could benefit from the convenience of wireless charging, it’s the mouse. A little startup called Mobee technology has cottoned onto this fact and has just announced the wireless charger for Apple’s Magic Mouse at IFA.

The charging pack, which comes with a replacement baseplate for the mouse and the charging station, charges your Magic Mouse over USB. The replacement baseplate idea means that the integration is seamless, without needing to add a case or extra bulk to the mouse to work.

According to Mobee, you’ll get six days of use from a single charge of their replacement batteries, which will then take 6 hours to recharge wirelessly on the base station. The base itself has a little LED light which glows red when not charging, flashes blue while powering up your mouse, then turns green when the battery’s are good to go.

The charger is set to cost $US49 or €49, and they’re currently in the market for an Australian distributor. At the moment it’s all about the Magic Mouse, but they’re planning on rolling out options for alternate Apple wireless mice, and potentially Apple’s wireless keyboard as well.

[Mobee Technology]