This Measuring Cup May Be More Intelligent Than I Am

It’s certainly capable of dealing with more temperature than I can handle.

While this looks like an ordinary kitchen measuring cup, appearances are a bit deceiving. Due to be launched in Australia next month from the same company that distributes Billion Routers, the EzyMeasure features a Lithium Ion battery, the ability to measure the weights of five different ingredient types — water, milk, flour, sugar and oil — and then convert them on the fly into grams, millilitres, ounces, cups, carats and pounds as needed. It’ll also measure temperatures between minus 40°C and 120°C, although I can’t recall the last time I used any minus 40°C ingredients in my cooking. Perhaps that’s more towards the Masterchef side of the cooking spectrum.

Oh, and there’s a printed scale on the side for regular measuring, but you could use an ordinary old boring plastic measuring cup for that.