True Apple Fanboys Will Want The Original Unlocked iPhone 2G

 title=The original iPhone launched back in 2007, and it didn’t take long for hackers to work out how to unlock the thing. And now the first ever iPhone to be successfully unlocked is up for sale on eBay for the paltry asking price of 2000 Australian dollars.

You’d have to be a pretty major Apple fanboy to spend two grand on an old phone, even if it was the first unlocked iPhone in the world. Especially when, according to the description, the phone has a hairline crack in the screen:

FOR SALE IS A COLLECTORS PIECE – Apple iPhone 2G (8GB) The World’s First Commercial Unlocked iPhone as Verified by GIZMODO.

This iPhone was the one used when the first iPhone 2G was released back in 2007. It was used with the famous “iPhoneSimFree” software that was the first commercial based unlocking software to be released for the iPhone. This actual iPhone was the one that was first tested and commercially unlocked as verified by Gizmodo in this article –

The iPhone is being sold by the original owner who is mentioned in the Gizmodo article. If you would like to verify this iPhone Authenticity please email –

This is a piece of Apple Fanboy History and a Collectors item. The iPhone is permamently unlocked and can be used on any network worldwide. The phone works perfectly and was used to test this unlock and has been stored away after only 6 months of use. The only thing wrong with this phone is that it was dropped and has hairline crack in the top left of the screen which does not affect the iPhone at all. Currently 3.1 operating system is loaded onto this iPhone and it still has a great battery life.

You are purchasing the Original Apple iPhone 2G (8GB) The World’s First Commercial Unlocked iPhone as Verified by GIZMODO. This does not include any accessories.

Item will be posted anywhere Worldwide for FREE.

Still, if there’s one community that might spend two grand on an old phone with a cracked screen, it’s the Apple community. Who wants it?

[eBayThanks Jacob]