Could You Live In This Ultra Minimalist Home?

I like minimalism. But Aires Mateus’s House In Leiria goes a few notches beyond being merely clutter-free – the Portuguese abode doesn’t just have stark interiors but a strikingly featureless white exterior, too. And I’m pretty sure it would drive me crazy.

Aside from the serious white paint costs that must come with keeping this racquetball-court-of-a-home pristine throughout the year, I’ve got to imagine that it’s just an uncomfortable space to inhabit. With so few visual reference points, I figure I’d be walking into walls and such on a regular basis.

The headache continues when you consider how kids, pets, guests, rodents, neighbours’ pets and various meteorological phenomena are basically all continually conspiring to dirty up your place. In an all white house, that one scuff becomes essentially impossible not to notice. So, yes, it seems like cleaning would have to be something of a constant at the House In Leiria. At least you don’t have to spend any time washing the windows. [Arch Daily]