25 Geeky Weddings Just As Fantastical As The Royal Wedding

While the rest of the world dons their fancy hats for the Royal Wedding, we wanted to pay tribute to the great amazing science fiction and fantasy-themed weddings that have rocked our universe.

Whether it’s a fully costumed themed ceremony or just a nod, we’ve got the world’s geekiest weddings right here.

We hope this collection of weddings featuring cosplay or clever shoutouts inspires and entertains you – and maybe gives you some ideas for your next function. You don’t have to wear full Queen Amidala makeup to slip in a Star Wars moment at your ceremony. (But you might want to.)

RoboCop Ice Sculpture
Discovered from the Offbeat Bride (a great website) here is the AMAZING RoboCop ice statue that greet guests at Michelle Romo and Jason Betrue’s wedding. This is, without a doubt, the best thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding. Ever. The only thing better than this would be if he was riding a unicorn that shot whiskey out of its horn. [Note to self: get whiskey unicorn.]

Bruce Campbell Zombie Wedding
Screw an impersonator, these zombie enthusiasts got married by Bruce Campbell in an all undead affair at Seattle’s ZombieCon. It doesn’t hurt either that Campbell is more than happy to throw around a large helping of Army of Darkness quotes at every turn, “Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up!”

[Via Blogger of the Bride]

Atomic Age Chuppah
This glorious Jetsons-esque chuppah is a great example, proving that you don’t have to have a movie or television angle to have a unique and stylish science fiction wedding. From the happy couple:

We picked the theme of retro-futurism or “atomic age,” not only because we are sci-fi fans and love the aesthetic, but also because we felt the forward-thinking optimism of that era was right at home at a wedding. (What is a wedding about if not the future?)

The design was inspired by the Jetsons cartoons, 50s-era “googie” architecture like the Theme Building at LAX, and movies like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Our chuppah, a circular ring open to the sky, with uprights evocative of hands reaching for each other, symbolizes the hope, optimism and transparency that are a union’s true security. The chuppah was created to be a stage, framing the ceremony, and a portal into the future.

[via Offbeat Bride]

Lord Of The Rings Elven Dress
You can’t deny it, the ladies of the Lord Of The Rings were a quality pack of classy elven broads. They had elegance, grace, and could command the water ponies to do their bidding. Who wouldn’t want to channel that while staring down your partner in front of your family and friends screaming, “In the place of a Dark Lord you would have a Queen! Not dark but beautiful and terrible as the Morn! Treacherous as the Seas! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! All shall love me and despair!!!!!… I mean, I do.”

Get your elf dress at Rivendell Bridal, (amazing name). From the site:

Rivendell Bridal features dresses with names such as ‘Lorien’ and ‘Galadriel’; some based on costumes worn in the LOTR movies, others simply designed according to an ‘elvish’ look. Lord of the Rings-themed weddings have been known to happen since JRR Tolkien released the book in 1954, but have gained in popularity following the release of the Peter Jackson films. Obvious choices for wedding dresses include replicas of Eowyn’s and Galadriel’s white dresses, or the wedding gowns of Arwen or Sam’s bride Rosie. Arwen also wears a white gown on the bridge at Rivendell during The Fellowship of the Ring, and another white dress which is briefly seen as she dismounts Asfaloth upon her first meeting with Frodo.

Back To The Future First Dance
An “Earth Angel” first dance and a Pulp Fiction follow up. Delightful. 1000 bonus points if you put up an Enchantment Under The Sea sign.

NeverEnding Story Snail Car
Justin & Jordana rode into the sunset on their very own fire breathing snail. No idea if this was an intentional NeverEnding Story plug, but it brought this Falcor fanatic a lot of happiness.

King Kong Cake Topper
Kong Is King crafted this adorable little cake topper.

Star Wars Cake
She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts: the icing!

[via Offbeat Bride]

Vintage Scifi Wedding Invites
Another great example of pulling images, tones and feelings from a genre that you love and making it your own. This self proclaimed couple of “scifi dorks” made a CD of original music for their guests (inspired a bit by scifi no doubt). It’s actually quite adorable and gorgeous.

[via Ruffled]

“I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper”
Don’t be afraid to pull out the deep scifi cuts, it’s your day after all. Like this couple who had an acapella groups sing them the space disco, “I Lost My Heat To A Starship Trooper” by Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip.

Firefly Wedding
Mal & Inara’s “Big Damn Wedding” complete with amazing costumes. We love that this couple went whole hog on the Firefly theme (even their invites and decorations were from the Whedonverse). Check out their entire flickr gallery of wedding goodies.

Wedding DeLorean
Or you could just rent a DeLorean, make sure you pose like the Back To The Future cover, props are a plus.

Corpse Bride Wedding Cake
And now a short collection of inspirational cakes.


Star Trek And Space Invader Cup Cakes
By Consumed by Cake

Back To The Future Cake
[Via Flickr]

Alien Wedding Cake
To this day, no one knows where this Alien inspired wedding cake came from. But what it does have is gusto, heaps of it. If you can pull off this wedding cake, the rest of your life should be a breeze.

D&D Invitations
From our very own commenter Mordicai (who shared this amazing image from his wedding in this post). Here’s what this clever commenter did on their wedding:

Aw, nerds! Aw, getting married! When I got hitched, we picked a DnD miniature for each guest & glued it to their place setting.

Star Wars Wedding
You’ve seen one Star Wars wedding on the internet, you’ve seen them all right? WRONG. This is the MOST impressive Star Wars wedding we’ve ever seen. The attention to detail is insane. Check out where the happy couple got hitched – yeah, that’s the Emperor’s Throne Room. If you’re going to do something right…

Runners up include this Star Wars wedding where the bride created her own Stormtrooper wedding dress. And, of course, the Star Wars wedding that ran off with our hearts, the Admiral Ackbar wedding.

Horrifically Awesome Invites
From io9 reader Glamzuki come this spectacular save the date. We love it when people mix a little horror with their romance.

Our Save the Date. We got married at the old Silent Movie theatre in LA, so based the whole shebang on my, uh, I mean our favourite movies and genres.

Stargate Wedding Cake
Here’s a sample of a delightful Stargate Wedding Cake, which looks both delicious and delightful. However, where are the Stargate weddings that take place in front of the gate? Surely someone in Canada has a gate that people can rent?

One Of A Kind Comic Book Wedding Favours
Jason Rodriguez and Robin Castoldi took inspiration from an Elektra cover for their wedding, and planned on giving out a comic book as a favour. The cover was illustrated by Scott White.

[Via Super Punch]

Star Trek Wedding
There were far too many awesome Star Trek Weddings to choose from. So we picked the one with the hottest Borg and the tiniest red shirt dress.

Ark Of The Covenant Wedding Cake
Wield the almighty power of the Covenant at your wedding. You may get struck down by the hand of God, but at least it would be a party that everyone remembered! Cake by Charm City Cakes

[Via Super Punch]

Great for photo ops and staging the ceremony. Plus you get to tell unlimited “it’s bigger on the inside” jokes all night. The couple pictured here, Lisa Strickland and Rob Wilson, went the whole hog, and even got a couple of Daleks.

[Via InfoDoctor Who]

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