Google Goggles Is Good At Turning Business Cards Into Contacts

Android: Today’s update to Google Goggles brings improved business card recognition to the search-by-photo app, streamlining the process of converting a colleague’s business card into a digital contact. Goggles had biz card recognition previously, but it has gotten much better at turning cards to contacts since we first mentioned the feature.

I’ve used and fallen in love with the business card recognition, so it’s great to see it’s still improving. The new release also lets you suggest better results if Goggles gets something wrong and adds note-making to your visual search history (to note what you ate with that great wine you snapped a picture of, for example). Google’s post also highlights the Sudoku-solving skills of Goggles — not new, but handy to know if you’re stuck on a puzzle. There’s no update on iOS just yet, but the business card feature is already there on both platforms.

Share and personalise your Google Goggles experience with Goggles 1.4 [Google Mobile Blog]

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