Mexican Drug Cartel Builds Its Own Tank

The war in northern Mexico between drug cartels and the Mexican government has raged for 4.5 years, with little end in sight – especially with the cartels starting to build tanks like this one, nicknamed “El Monstruo 2011“.

From jungle-built submarines to ultralights hauling marijuana, drug cartels have found ingenious ways to transport their goods. But the tanks of the northern Mexico cartels represent something different; a paramilitary response to a government crackdown that has made little progress in staunching the violence.

The Blog Del Narco reports that the tank was captured two weeks ago after a firefight outside Ciudad Mier in northern Mexico. The vehicle had a top speed of 110km/h, and could carry 12 people – but had no side shielding for its tyres, which ultimately led to its end.

It’s not the first time the drug cartels have turned to armoured vehicles to augment their forces; this heavy-duty armoured truck was captured last year. And Mexican officials have said they expect similar monsters are already lurking in the countryside.

H/T to Brook