Motorola Atrix And Xoom Coming Exclusively To Telstra With Lots Of Accessories

 title=The dual-core smartphone and Honeycomb tablet we’ve all been waiting for has finally landed here in Australia, but it’ll be an expensive purchase if you want to use them the way Motorola wants you to use them.

Motorola and Telstra yesterday announced that the Atrix will be available to purchase outright for $840, or on contract through Telstra’s Freedom Connect plans. The Xoom is also priced at $840 outright, or available on a range of Telstra Data+ Cap plans with monthly repayments of between $29 and $79.

The Atrix can be purchased with a number of accessories, which enable the “full webtop experience”. The $129 multimedia dock comes with an infrared remote, three USB ports and an HDMI port, and the $449 lapdock with its 11.6-inch screen and eight hours of battery life lets you use the Atrix as a PC. Other optional purchases include a standard dock for $59, a car dock and charger for $69, and a Bluetooth keyboard (also compatible with the Xoom) for $79.

While the Atrix and Xoom are excellent devices on their own, Motorola has previously said that future devices will dock into their “smart accessories” in a similar fashion.

The Atrix and Xoom will be available from June 7 and May 24, respectively, and is exclusive to Telstra until the end of July. [Telstra]

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