2D Glasses: 3D’s Reign Of Terror Ends Now

There were better movies playing on Sunday afternoon. Super 8, X-Men: First Class. Midnight in Paris. But I bustled past all of those. I headed to theatre 7, foul den of Green Lantern 3D. Armed with a superpower of my own.

Even if you think 3D is bad, you have no idea how bad it really is. Not until you’ve switched between 2D and 3D during the same movie. Every time I switched to 3D, I kept being reminded how fake everything was. It’s the difference between Tex Avery and a Vermeer. 2D Glasses are a Mr Clean Magic Eraser for your 3D-addled eyeballs. What once cartoonishly popped out at you, ripping your suspension of disbelief to shreds, now stays flush against the screen where it belongs. Sanctuary. Buy them.

2D glasses look very much like 3D glasses, meaning they’re pretty uggggs (but it’s dark in that theatre, so you’ll live) and could stand to be a little more comfortable. And this isn’t really a minus so much as a warning: these won’t work on your active shutter 3DTV. Different technology.

$US10 for two pair, including shipping.