Audyssey’s Lower East Side Media Speakers Want To Blast Your Apple TV

Audyssey’s new Lower East Side Media digital speakers pack a wallop thought they aren’t much bigger than your average paperback book. True to their name, they include both digital optical audio and 3.5mm inputs—craving that little black puck.

They use Audyssey’s proven-terrific DSP tech to make your AirPlay tunes sound clear, crisp, and room-filling. Audyssey uses two 3″ silk-dome tweeters and two 3.5″ woofers to achieve their dynamic sound.

The best part is the two 4″ bass radiators which replace an oversized subwoofer. Forget that giant booming box at your feet, the Lower East Side Media speakers only include two speakers and a few cables. We gave the diminutive speakers an ears-on trial, and even in the acoustically blasphemous glass conference room we listened inside, the duo sounded terrific. Audyssey doesn’t want these in a glass conference room. They want them in a living room, attached to your Apple TV, where they (correctly) wager more and more of our music is being piped through. Bass heavy rap and treble trembling Shins songs sounded equally at ease with the speakers—a testament to Audyssey’s internal processing prowess.

At $US200, the speakers are less expensive than some of Audyssey’s other offerings, but they are possibly priced outside the range of the average consumer. But they are perfect for the audiophile looking for speakers than can bounce from your Apple TV (or elsewhere) without taking up a terrific amount of space in your floor or in your budget. Wait for our full review before you buy, but feel free to wait with enthusiasm. [Audyssey]