Kinect + iPad = Star Wars-Like 3D Augmented Reality Video

So Microsoft’s Kinect has been hacked to capture 3D video, but what comes next? iOS developer, Laan Labs, has been toying with a few ideas, including using the iPad 2 as augmented reality viewer to view trippy 3D video — and it totally reminds me of Star Wars! Watch for yourself…


Laan Labs says it used the String Augmented Reality SDK to display the Kinect’s video, and used Libfreenect from to record the video. The iPad 2’s camera then tracked a printed marker to determine where the video would appear.

Sure, it’s augmented (not holographic), but experiments like this will pave the way for live Kinect-recorded 3D video chat. Be it augmented, or on a 3D TV, I’m kind of curious as to where this might take us. Let’s just hope it’s not towards a 3D Chatroulette. Creepy. [Laan Labs via Crave]