Kogan’s 46-Inch ‘Borderless’ LED TV Takes on LG and Samsung

Borderless doesn’t mean bezeless, but $849 is definitely cheaper than competing thin-bezel LED TVs from the big two Koreans. The Full HD set is edge lit, has a 5,000:1 actual contrast ratio, four HDMI inputs, and a 100/120Hz refresh rate. And that’s not all that’s new from Kogan today…

Kogan products have deservedly copped some stick over the last couple of years, but build quality has also gotten better as their buying power has increased. What’s been your experience?

This new TV is one of the better outings I’ve seen from them. In addition to the specs I’ve mentioned, it also has SRS speakers, built in time-shifting functionality, and will playback DivX and AVI files (up to 720p) from a USB drive.

Meanwhile, Kogan also pushed out a new Full HD 10x zoom video camera ($279), Touchscreen eBook Reader ($169), and Full HD Twin Tuner PVR ($59). [Kogan]