One-Upped Chuck! Outlier Supermarine Sneakers Use British Air Force Technology To Keep Water Out

Commuting to work on a bike – in the rain – sucks. With the Outlier Feit Supermarines, at least you won’t need a change of shoes.


They’re waterproof, built from the same technology the RAF designed to keep downed pilots alive in frigid North Atlantic waters. And they dry out quickly, so even if I do get caught in a typhoon, I’m not going to spend the rest of the day with soggy socks (although the buffalo leather interior is so buttery soft, I’m tempted to skip socks entirely). When I’m pedaling, the Supermarines perform like stiff-soled clip-ins; they don’t bend around the edge of the pedal like mushy Chuck Taylors. Walking around, they just feel like normal sneakers.

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At $US260, they’re more expensive than a set of Chucks and a can of 3M waterproofing solution. Oh, and the soles are thicker than Chucks and other low-profile bike shoes so you’ll have to adjust your toe holds to fit properly.

The Supermarines are available for $US260 in either Black or Olive from Outlier Feit.

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