Apple Filed Misleading Evidence Against Samsung… Again

Just like they tweaked their evidence against Samsung with the Galaxy Tab, it looks like Apple has flubbed evidence regarding the Samsung Galaxy S too. They shrunk the image of the Samsung phone to look like the size of an iPhone, even though it’s not.

Officially, the Samsung Galaxy S is 122.4mm by 64.2mm while the iPhone 3G (the phone Apple says Samsung copied) is 115.5mm by 62.1mm, though Apple acknowledges in the writing that the Galaxy S has larger dimensions, the picture above is altered to make them look the same size. That misleading picture is the one the District Court of The Hague in the Netherlands will be looking at to make their judgement regarding Apple vs Samsung, Dutch edition.

This flawed evidence, discovered by, corroborates with the claim of a Samsung lawyer who told the Dutch court that Apple has been “manipulating visual evidence, making Samsung’s devices appear more similar to Apple’s”. Definitely something fishy. [ via PC World]