Google Engineers Are Smarter, Make More Money Than Motorola Counterparts Says WSJ

Here’s a report that’ll raise the hackles of some Motorola employees. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google employees are better fed at work, make more money and are smarter than their Motorola colleagues.

The report claims the average Google software engineer makes $US35,000 more than a Motorola engineer and has a higher IQ, 20 points higher says one former Android executive. Google employees also drive Prius hybrids, wear T-shirts at work and dine on free meals prepared by gourmet chefs. Motorola employees drive SUVs or minivans, wear polos and pay for all their meals.

When asked about the differences between the two companies, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha believes the two cultures will mesh “really well.” A Google spokeswoman responds by saying Motorola will remain “a separate entity.” Ouch. [Wall Street Journal]