Samsung’s IFA Surprises Unpacked Early: Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note & Wave 3

The problem with having a teaser Android app — as Samsung did for its IFA surprises via its Samsung Unpacked app — is that enterprising folks may just have a peek at what’s inside the APK. That’s exactly what’s happened, and while not all of Samsung’s surprises have been uncovered, it turns out that the logos for at least three new Samsung products were already lurking in there.
The folks at This Is My Next were tipped off by their readers that the Samsung Unpacked App, designed to slowly reveal Samsung’s IFA announcements contained the logos for three new products. In keeping with Samsung’s apparent urge to whack the Galaxy name on just about everything they can, there are two new Galaxy products; the Galaxy Tab 7.7 (because that extra .7 of an inch makes all the difference, I guess) and the mysterious Galaxy Note, as well as what will presumably be a new Bada phone, the Wave 3.

There’s no other information unpacked as yet, which still leaves the mystery as to which of the three exhibits the radioactive glowing qualities seen in Samsung’s original teaser videos.
[This Is My Next via Liliputing]