Steakhouse Meets Man At Airport With Steak After He Asked For One On Twitter

Peter Shankman, an angel investor, was hungry right before he boarded his flight. So he fired off a tweet jokingly asking Morton’s Steakhouse to meet him at the airport with a porterhouse steak when he landed. They did.

It’s an unbelievable story that only gets more unbelievable once you hear the details. Shankman was tied up in meetings that day and had a flight home that would have pushed his dinner later than he’d like. So he tweeted about it, asking Morton’s to meet at the airport with a fat juicy steak. Here’s what he said happened after he fired off that joke tweet:

Looking for my driver, I saw my name, waved to him, and started walking to the door of EWR [Newark Airport] , like I’d done hundreds of times before.

“Um, Mr. Shankman,” he said.

I turned around.

“There’s a surprise for you here.”

I turned to see that the driver was standing next to someone else, who I just assumed was another driver he was talking to. Then I noticed the “someone else” was in a tuxedo.

And he was carrying a Morton’s bag.

His flight was only two and a half hours long! The closest Morton’s was 40km away! The man who greeted Shankman at the airport was wearing a tuxedo! (think about that, imagine that guy driving half an hour in a tux with a porterhouse steak in the backseat for a complete stranger.) Inside that Morton’s bag was a 680g Porterhouse steak, an order of Colossal shrimp, a side of potatoes, bread, two napkins and silverware. Everything had to go right for Shankman and Morton tuxedo man to meet and Morton’s still thought it was worth it to try. A company that cares about customers, what about that!

For the record, Shankman is a frequent customer of Morton’s (and a man with over 100,000 followers on Twitter) but these are the sort of mini-awesome-miracles that couldn’t have happened without Twitter. What an awesome story, I’m totally going to tweet at every restaurant I can think of before I fly now. [Shankman via Consumerist]

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