$98 HP TouchPad: It’s Chaos At Harvey Norman Right Now!

Chaos ensues as Harvey Norman starts flogging off TouchPads at $98 each, and HP starts selling them online, although prices have yet to be updated to reflect this. HP undoubtedly wishes the queues had been this long a week ago. Check out our photo gallery after the jump.

Will HP’s TouchPad Be $98 From 2pm Today?
Where Will All The TouchPads Go?

Following the earlier report that Harvey Norman would start selling off the TouchPad at 2pm, Gizmodo headed to the Martin Place Harvey Norman store to see if this was indeed true.

It all looks relatively peaceful from the outside.

But it’s rather hard to even edge your way into the store.

It will take a long time to get to the head of this queue.

A very, very long time.

Bear in mind, this was well before the 2pm “official” kickoff time.

Nobody cares about any of the other tablets on sale. Then again, they’re not $98…

This chap made it to the head of the queue alive, and got a TouchPad for his troubles. His wait time? One hour.

One oddity; all the Touchpads on sale were in plain brown boxes. Perhaps HP’s embarrassed by them?

It’s safe to say that if you’re not already in a queue when you read this, the chances of scoring a cheap TouchPad through Harvey Norman are just about nil. HP’s official release of the sale states that the TouchPad will also be sold off for $99/$149 through HP’s local Web store, but at the time of writing, they’re still asking for $499/$599 there. Might be worth keeping an eye on it; it seems likely that they’ll sell out just as fast online as they have in real life.

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