Survey Says: Would Australians Give Up TV or Smartphones?

Survey results are always worth taking with several large grains of salt, but Google’s local research into the smartphone habits reveal some interesting trends in Australian smartphone usage, including whether we’d rather give up our tellies or our smartphones.

Google’s research polled 30,000 people worldwide, including Australia, although it’s not clear how many locals exactly were queried. Being Google, the results are largely very advertising-centric. Google hasn’t released the full details of the research, merely snippets of the local data, which include
• One in two of us use our smartphones while watching TV. I’m guilty of this.
• While using that smartphone in front of the TV, one in three also use another internet connected device. I’m also guilty of this.
• Two in five of us use mobile search daily. Yup, guilty again. Frankly, I’m a little surprised it’s this low.
• The average smartphone has 25 apps on it. That feels low to me (but as might be becoming clear, perhaps I have some kind of problem)
• One in five of us would rather give up their TV than their smartphone. That doesn’t shock me as a figure… and you can probably guess whether I’d be one of the other four or not.