9 Aesthetic Prosthetics

Advances in modern prosthetic technology are quickly redefining what constitutes a “disability”. Our friends at Oobject have compiled nine of the latest cutting-edge limb replacements in existence.

Don’t believe that prosthetics are really narrowing the ability gap? Challenge Oscar “Tink Tink” Pistorius to a foot race and then check out these examples of medical scaffolding, vintage artficial limbs, genuine cyborg parts and eerie medical manequins.

Active combat duty soldiers with prosthetic legs

This might seem a bit weird to include in a list focused on aesthetics, but its perhaps the most important example. The entire way we view amputees, the perception of a false limb as something to be hidden and which implies disability is questioned by the number of young soldiers seen with high-tech alloy prosthetic limbs (due to injuries which were not survivable in the past). And these are not just veterans the number of soldiers returning to active duty has increased seven times, from 2 per cent to 16 per cent in since the first Gulf War.

Eames Inspired Prosthetic Leg

Designed by by Joanna M Hawley, the design takes its inspiration from mid-century modern bent plywood furniture by Charles and Ray Eames.

The Proaesthetics Project

The Proæsthetics Project is a fashion-conscious collection of customisable prototypes that push the boundaries of design in medical mobility devices.

3D printed leg designed by Scott Summit

Aimee Mullins Legs from the Cremaster Cycle

Outfeet female leg prosthesis

Kaylene Kau, shell like articulated arm

A non figurative — as in not even trying to look human — arm, which is nonetheless attractive.

Bespoke Innovations custom prosthetics

Bespoke innovations were perhaps the first company to realise that prostheses could be individualistic and custom made objects of beauty.

Oscar Pistorius on Flex Foot Cheetahs

The incredible performance of double amputee, Oscar Pistorius caused a conundrum for sporting bodies – he was actually better than non amputee runners, so were his carbon fibre springs legal?

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