Blurred Sculptures Are Hurting My Brain

At first I thought I was suffering from some sort of hallucination, but, nope, just art. Korean artist Duck-Bong Kang craftily staggers PVC pipes to create an illusion of motion — or very poor eyesight.

According to My Modern Met, Kang’s goals are pretty lofty!

The figures in Kang’s sculptures are an exploration of human relationships and communication. According to Kang, holes ignite curiosity within people because, regardless of age or gender, one always wonders what is on the other side of them. He believes that we should be just as curious about what is on another person’s mind. In his opinion, the rise of social networks has decreased the amount of concrete personal conversation.

I’m not entirely sure what a blurry guy on a bicycle reveals about our absorption by social networks and the terrors of modernity, but you can at least file this work under “looks cool”. [MyModernMet]