Designer Sheds Make For Less Depressing Cubicles

Working in a shed doesn’t sound like an upgrade from a depressing cubicle. But the spired roof of this Tetra-Shed will make it feel like you work in a private alpine lodge, even without a fireplace or comfy bearskin rug.

The angular and stealthy looking Tetra-Shed was created by David Ajasa-Adekunle, an architect who runs his own studio in London. So he not only knows how to design a unique space, but also one that can foster creativity and productivity.

Each shed provides a private or semi-private workspace for a couple of employees, complete with desk space, overhead storage and subtle recessed lighting. A series of windows and a front door let additional light in, but the whole thing can be sealed up when complete privacy or quiet is needed.

And while their design looks it favours form over function, the unique angles actually allow multiple Tetra-Sheds to be placed next to each other in clusters, maximising the use of office space. They should be available by next year, but I think they should seriously consider renaming them Tetra-Forts, since I can see these completely revolutionising office warfare. [Tetra-Shed via DVICE]