iLid Is An Aussie iPhone Wallet Worth Kickstarting

While we wait for the world’s banks and credit card companies to partner with smartphone manufacturers and create a seamless payment system in our mobiles, we still need to carry our phones and our wallets around. At least until the iLid from Aussie entrepreneurs Darren Inglis and Simon Dunn-Vaughan gets enough support on Kickstarter to go into production, that is.

The case clicks onto the the back of an iPhone 4 or 4S, raising the overall thickness to just 17mm while creating space to store up to two credit cards, cash and a key. The fold-open back also doubles as a kickstand for watching videos or Skyping on the phone.

At the moment, the project is 37 per cent funded with 11 days to go. The minimum pledge is just $30, which will get you a case when it goes into production. While delivery probably won’t happen until January – making it a bit late for a Christmas present – it’s still a great little product you should definitely consider if you’re looking for a unique, convenient iPhone case.