Why Do Three Google Execs Own Eight Private Jets?

How is the world’s top search engine going to put its software in every TV on earth? Not by flying commercial, like some sort of company for poor people! Let’s just buy a few spare private jets, just in case.

Most reasonable people are content with one or two private jets, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt aren’t content with one plane each — The Mercury News reports the search triumvirate share eight. That’s a lot of planes for three guys! Do they race? Do they pay people to fly all eight at once while they watch from the roof of a castel made of money? Is that ecologically or financially responsible? The answer to all of those things is probably no! But don’t expect them to kick the habit anytime soon — they’re ready to pony up $US33 million in an effort to restore an old NASA hangar as their personal parking lot. See, if you had thought of Google first, you could be doing fun expensive things like this right now. [Mercury News via TechCrunch]