Klipsch’s Portable AirPlay Speaker Looks Ready To Blow Eardrums

Portable wireless speakers are usually a pretty tame affair. While the Jambox is lovely to look at, it doesn’t give you the impression that your ears are in for an audio assault. At least not like Klipsch’s Stadium speaker.

I mean look at this thing! Dual 1-inch tweeters, a pair of 3-inch mid-range woofers and a couple of 5.25-inch subwoofers — all left exposed so it seems like you’ll first hear it with your eyes. Since it’s a portable affair it eschews an unsightly device dock in favour of AirPlay connectivity, giving you access to music from your iOS devices and iTunes across your wireless network. But when you’re away from the comfort of your Wi-Fi, a USB port provides a tethered connection with enough juice to charge most of your Apple devices. In other words, probably not the iPad.

It will be available sometime later this year, with details on pricing still to be determined. [Klipsch]