Driveable R2-D2 Could Be The Awesomest Make-A-Wish Ever Granted

The Make-A-Wish Foundation does some pretty awesome things for kids with life-threatening conditions, but of all the wishes I’ve seen granted over the years, this giant drivable R2-D2 ranks pretty close to being the most amazing.

It was created for Matthew Grammer, a seven-year old with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, by Oklahoma’s Little Mountain Productions who’ve also helped bring other children’s wishes to life in the past.

The over-sized droid accommodates one passenger and is controlled by a simple joystick with large on and off buttons on the inside. And in the event Artoo develops a mind of his own, a large kill switch on the back ensures Matthew’s parents can get him under control.

What’s particularly awesome is that during test drives the electric powered astromech actually popped wheelies and left tire marks in the studio’s workshop. So to make it safer for someone who was still nine years away from getting his driver’s licence, they had to considerably slow down its electric motors. [Little Mountain Productions via Tulsa World]

Photos: Little Mountain Productions