Leak Shows Windows Phone 7 Tango Looks A Lot Like Mango

Purported screenshots of the soon to be announced Windows Phone 7.6 Tango have emerged on a Russian forum. There are a handful of new features, but what’s really interesting is how little seems to have changed.

While multi-image MMS, native voice recording and exporting contacts to SIM are all new, the basic look and feel is very much the same. It means Microsoft is pretty comfortable with its product, and is now just evolving it and iterating rather than making major changes. In other words, it’s a mature, stable OS.

The forum also adds more fuel to the speculation that the phone is being dumbed down to run on lower end hardware. It will support camera resolutions as low as 3 megapixels and as little as 256MB of RAM memory — and warn users if their apps require more memory.

Translation? Really, really, cheap Windows phones are on the way.

[WP7forum.ru via The Verge]