Spotify Taking Early Aussie Signups (Sort Of)

Yesterday’s big news was the imminent announcement of Spotify plans for Australia, something we’ve been waiting expectantly on for months. If you’re particularly keen, you can sign up to be “first in line” — although it’s not exactly clear what that really means.

If you go to Spotify’s International page, and as long as you’re not behind a proxy or VPN, it’ll detect that you’re coming from an Aussie IP address, and inform you via a banner at the top that “Spotify is currently not available in Australia. Enter your email address to be first in line when we launch!”.

What’s not clear is what that actually entitles you to; if you do enter an email address, the banner changes to a brief “Thank You” message, and then vanishes. Is it time to form an orderly Spotify-awaiting-queue, or time to put on the tin-foil-I-don’t-want-no-spam-hats? [Spotify]