Can An Excavator Really Row A Freaking Boat?

Somewhere in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on the Saigon River, floats the most insane, makeshift boat I’ve ever seen. Seriously. It looks like a floating concrete block being rowed by a construction excavator. Huh?

I have so many questions for the guys in this video. How did they get the excavator? Where did they find that gigantic slab of concrete? Who thought of using the excavator to row the concrete boat? Did they try paddles first? Does the guy manning the excavator get dizzy from spinning so much? Do they switch off? How’s the pho in Vietnam? Where are they going? How do they dock the ship? Is this legal? If they could afford an excavator, why didn’t they just buy a boat?

Our good friends at the Mythbusters have previously examined the excavator boat rowing phenomenon (even trying to wakeboard with an excavator boat) and concluded that it’s totally real and doable. Even with that, I’m still not sure if excavator boats are clever or dumb but I can’t stop watching those guys make their way down the river. [Arbroath]