Do You Need A 4K-Capable Camera On Your Phone?

Do You Need A 4K-Capable Camera On Your Phone?

Actually, I can answer that for you: no. But do you want a camera on your phone that can churn out 16MP images? Perhaps! OmniVision has just announced new high-resolution image sensors for mobile devices that can shoot 4K video.

The new sensors can shoot 30fps video at the full 4K resolution of 4608×3456 pixels — equivalent to 16 megapixels. If for some reason you were to need 60fps video, it can handle that too, at 4k2K, which equates to a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The sensor can also run in burst photography mode at the full 16MP resolution. It might not be quite as insane as Nokia’s 41MP camera on a phone, but it’s not far off.

The sensors are apparently designed for use in compact cameras and flagship smartphones — something OmniVision has a proven track record in providing, as it provided the 5MP chip found in the new iPad and iPhone 4. The sensors are due to go into full-scale production towards the end of 2012.

So, do you need a 4K camera on your phone? No. Do you want one? Maybe. Will you get one? At some point, almost certainly. [OmniVision via The Verge]

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